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"If you do what you believe in, you'll believe in what you do"
                                                            —Jennie Rose
Something For You
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Imagine how it used to be, me for you and you for me
Innocence felt so free we were giving it away
Now you've got yours, I've got mine, look how money changes time
Youth a joke, age a crime, sanity a play
Some of us held a gun, some of us had to run
We're all veterans of the war
Some of us fought and died, some of it stayed inside
We're all victims of the war
I remember way back when you wouldn't turn away a friend
This is now and that was then, or so I hear 'em say
Maybe it's still sixty-eight, kids are talkin' about the Haight
Sayin' they were born too late, too hard to live today
Some of us didn't go, some of it didn't show
We're all veterans of the war
Something we understood, something 'bout bad and good
We're all victims of the war
I don't mean to spend my time digging some nostalgia mine
So tomorrow I can find a piece of yesterday
'cause "Yesterday" is almost gone, our saddest thought
Our sweetest song will not be with us for long, phantoms fly away

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