Bonus Zone
"I have spent a long time running from the darkness
But now that darkness better run from me"

                                                            —Further In
Something For You
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Starlight Special

Tell me that old story, Dad, about boxcars in the night
How fast a man could lose his legs if he didn't time it right
All the kids out on the road learned how to make it do
One less mouth back home is what they're thinkin', same as you
Are you smilin' now, riding
On that Starlight Special train?
The one that all the hobos catch
Headin' home again
I can see you now, smilin' [down from]
On that Starlight Special train
You don't feed no hunger and you don't feel no pain
Tell me that old story about the men out on the line
How the strikers faced the squad cars down, back in '39
How you fortified the building, kept the watch all night
And everyone just did it 'cause they knew that it was right

Tell me that old story, Dad, 'bout the Bonus March back East
When fifty thousand veterans came and could not get relief
How General MacArthur burned their houses down
Loaded up his howitzers and run 'em out of town

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