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"Yesterday I felt so down, I couldn't stop from cryin'
But something in your eyes just now keeps me tryin'"

                                                            —Something I Canít See
Something For You
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Regular People

Just regular people, they're not in the news
They don't follow fashion they don't have a clue
They don't know the hot spots or how to be cool
They swallow it all, they shop at the mall
They're everyone's fool
When regular people look in the mirror
What do they see?
Nobody special's reflection of
Somebody else they could be
Regular people washing their cars
They go to the movies they drink in the bars
They're niners to fivers, they sin and they pray
Just regular people involved in
Another regular day

Regular people get married for life
One is the husband and one is the wife
They follow the leader just like Simon said
Sleep regular hours, dream regular dreams
Die regular dead

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