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"Imagine how it used to be, me for you and you for me
Innocence felt so free we were giving it away"

Something For You
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Little Bird

I was out on the highway late in the night
Watchin' the jackrabbit eyes
Hopin' to make it to Utah by dawn
Waiting to see the sunrise
I'd just as soon go down pickin' a tune
Die with my hands on the strings
'cause nothin' has ever meant more to me
Than the song that the little bird sings
I was up on the mountain next to the sky
Closin' on ten thousand feet
Tryin' to remember somethin' I heard
A song that I sang in my sleep

I was out on the ocean, face in the wind
Sting of the salt in my eye
Listenin' hard for the sound of the sun
As it sang in the blue bye and bye

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