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"If you do what you believe in, you'll believe in what you do"
                                                            —Jennie Rose
Something For You
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Jennie Rose

Jennie Rose once told me, just before she flew
Back to New York City where the brightest lights are blue
She said I been close to dyin' and I been close to you
And I don't know how I'll do it
But I'll bring this baby through
Gonna shine on me, shine on me
Shine, shine, shine, shine on me
Jennie called from Boston, the fourteenth of July
Said the pain was almost gone and I began to cry
She heard her train a' comin' just around the bend
With the brightest light you ever saw
Gonna shine on to the end

Jennie's in Saint Louis, the baby's doin' fine
And sometimes when I think too much, I wish that he were mine
Yes, Jennie Rose once told me and I pass it on to you:
If you do what you believe in
You'll believe in what you do

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