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"We used to be so close, baby, just like skin on bone
I feel the scar inside me now, dry and hard as stone"

Something For You
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The Heart of Love

I see you in the mirror, just behind the glass
I watch your blue eyes follow me from the future to the past
I search the waters of the sky, below and up above
And I will find you, find you, I'll find you in the heart of love

I hear you in the music, just behind the song
Echoing the singer, as I suspected all along
I will not run to catch you, like some that I've heard of
But I will find you, find you, I will find you in the heart of love

The future is a promise, broken every day
The past is just a memory, where we used to play
Underneath the streetlights in a hide and seek for love
I will find you, find you, I will find you in the heart of love

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