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"I will not run to catch you, like some that I've heard of
But I will find you, find you, I will find you in the heart of love"

                                                            —The Heart of Love
Something For You
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Further In (Allan's Song)

I have spent a long time running from the darkness
But now that darkness better run from me
'Cause I'm tradin' in my car keys on a sack of cat's eye marbles
And I'm goin' down to yesterday to see what I can see
Along this heart's horizon
Further into me
I will sail on songs of silver
A child upon the sea
When I was a baby, down by the southern ocean
Fed on fear and suckled by the sadness every day
Well, they tried to drag me under and they tried to take me over
They tried their best, but they just couldn't take this boy away

I have felt the undertow of terror like a river
Been buried by the avalanche of sadness in your eyes
I have prayed for mercy, been answered by forgiveness
And I have seen the flash of faith like lightening in the sky

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