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"Yesterday I called you, we talked just like adults
All about the way it was—causes and results"

                                                            —Bittersweet Tonight
Something For You
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Done to You

Fire in the city, terror in the town
It looks like Armageddon is finally comin' down
Smell the smoke and powder, hear the drums of war
See the black flag flyin' at the undertaker's door
Now's the time to say it
If you believe it's true
As you do unto others
It shall be done to you
Television screamin' day after day
We need retribution, someone's got to pay
Fear in the city, terror in the skies
You can feel it, you can see it in everybody's eyes

Winter's comin' early, frost is settin' in
It's gonna be a while before the birds will sing again
Candle in the window, flame is burnin' low
You trust you're gonna make it, but you never really know

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