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"You fortified the building, kept the watch all night
And everyone just did it 'cause they knew that it was right"

                                                            —Starlight Special
Something For You
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Wherever you are tonight I hope you're fine
I hope the one you're with can hold a mirror to your mind
Or if you are alone, I trust the night is kind
I have been alive in you as you have in me
It's not a question of gender, or a matter of degree
You could have left that wheelchair and danced on that sea
We touch hands and we touch heart
Crossfire in the dark
A penny for your thoughts like we used to say
A nickel for your dreams though the big one got away
Half as cheap at twice the price, if you have the coin to pay
[Walk me to the water by the river shore
We both got what we asked for, though we wanted so much more]
You in your perfection and me behind my door

Wherever you are tonight know that it's OK
I would have said this sooner but the dream got in the way
I was only strangling on what I couldn't say
Wherever you are tonight, you are not alone
I am there beside you as the big wheel spins us home
Were you some magician, conjuring blood from my stone?

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