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"Ain't it funny when it's over, how you think it didn't end?"
                                                            —Anybody Can
Something For You
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Don't Blame Me

Don't blame me if you can't walk upon the water
Don't blame me when your bread refuse to rise
Don't blame me if your fifteen year-old daughter
Comes home with that lovelight in her eyes
Don't blame me for the nightmares that you see
When all those TV dreams leave you behind
Don't chain me to your reality
With all those expectations you carry in your mind
Don't blame me for the changes in your weather
If that million-dollar date don't pan out right
Don't blame me if it didn't last forever
Don't blame me if he didn't spend the night

Don't blame me if the rain keeps on fallin'
From the clouds that gather up above
Don't blame me when the mourning dove keeps callin'
Singin' about the politics of love

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