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"Smell the smoke and powder, hear the drums of war
See the black flag flyin' at the undertaker's door"

                                                            —Done to You
Something For You
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Bittersweet Tonight

Oh, yes, I remember the anger in your eyes
How you tried so hard to wound me in the pain of our good bye
I reached out to touch you, you just turned away
I wouldn't say I blame you, babe, I knew you couldn't stay
Now I know you loved me
'Cause I believed your dream was real
And I know you had to leave me
'Cause I couldn't be the way you feel
Yesterday I called you, we talked just like adults
All about the way it was—causes and results
You invited me and Kgirl to come up for a stay
Well, I don't mean to hurt you, babe, I just ain't that way

Oh, yes, I remember the ocean in your eyes
And how you used to smile at me like sunlight in the sky
All those times are gone now, the good ones and the bad
I feel bittersweet tonight, I feel bittersweet tonight…

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