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"I will not run to catch you, like some that I've heard of
But I will find you, find you, I will find you in the heart of love"

                                                            —The Heart of Love
Something For You
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Anybody Can

Baby, I can't take it when you're with another man
This time's gonna break it I hope you understand
That I loved you as much as anybody can

You were always my best lover and sometimes my best friend
Ain't it funny when it's over how you think it didn't end?
And I'll miss you as much as anybody can
Well, it hurt so much to come home late
And find that he'd been there
First I hated you, then I wanted you
But now I just don't care
I'll find a new love tomorrow and start where we began
All that pain and sorrow will melt inside her hand
And I'll forget you as much as anybody can

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