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"We used to be so close, baby, just like skin on bone
I feel the scar inside me now, dry and hard as stone"

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Until We Sing Again

I will sing with you tonight, 'tho you have gone away
We used to sing such sad, sweet songs just the other day
I can hear a harmony that does not have an end
So I will hold the note for you, until we sing again

I will sing a lullabye, the way we used to do
I know that you are here tonight, so you can sing it too
I tried to go and see you, they would not let me in
But I will get there soon enough, and we will sing again

I will sing with you tonight, loud and sweet and strong
I did not bring my silver wings, but we can ride the song
Far above this poor, old world where trouble is your friend
Oh, we will sail on winds of love, when we sing again

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