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"A baby is born with a whole life to live
She grows to a woman with a child of her own
The circle will gather the seed she has sown"

                                                            —Fast Enough to Fly
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Me and Kgirl

Love's a mystery, that's for sure
Who would have thought a gal like her
Would ever go for a guy like me?
I suppose some things are supposed to be
Me and Kgirl bound to win,
'Cause we got sunlight shinin' in
On every day that's still to come
Me and Kgirl already won
I said to her "let's tie the knot"
She sat down in a state of shock
It seemed like a good idea at the time
Now it's too late to change my mind

Harvest moon smilin' down
Looks so pretty on a silver town
Blackbird sittin' in a redwood tree
One love song gonna shine on me

I stayed up all night long
Watchin' the rain and chasin' this song
But you know these words don't come from me
I just write 'em down the best I see

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