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"Yesterday I felt so down, I couldn't stop from cryin'
But something in your eyes just now keeps me tryin'"

                                                            —Something I Canít See
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In Your Head

I look out over Jordan
And many hands I see
Doing profitable commerce
From sea to burning sea
You know, someone makes the missles
And someone builds the bombs
And if someone stopped tomorrow
The wars could not go on
Ho hey, waddaya say?
Don't die before you're dead
Hey ho, waddaya know?
The war is in your head
But they roll on through the deserts
And they fight on to the end
And the madness has no mercy
On the young the old ones send
And they tell us not to trust 'em
They show us whom to fear
They sell us all that stale old shit
Like they have for fifty years
Oh, it's "national security"
"strength at any price"
It's line up, sign up, and take your oath
On a stack of loaded dice

I wish I had their numbers
I'd call 'em up right now
Take 'em on down to Dien Bien Phu
And show 'em where and how
Each and every soldier died
With a silent stifled scream
One more guilty victim
Of the American war machine

So don't come sniffin' around for taxes
You bastard dogs of war
We might have paid off yesterday
But we don't fight here no more
And young men, let me tell you
Better listen up real fast
The biggest mistake you'll ever make
Is to register for the draft

And whose the one to stop 'em now
If not for you and me?
Freedom won at any cost
Will never make you free

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