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"A baby is born with a whole life to live
She grows to a woman with a child of her own
The circle will gather the seed she has sown"

                                                            —Fast Enough to Fly
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Easy on Yourself

You can break in all the windows, smash down all the doors
You can bash your head against the wall, fall down on the floor
You can live in quiet desperation waitin' for that special one
Or you can just relax, place your bet, and try to have some fun
You can make it easy on yourself, easy on yourself…
Well, you can chase the ghost of midnight or work hard every day
You can prove that they're all liars or believe what they all say
You can play the rules or play the odds, or just sit back and stew
You can wait all night for day to come and still find out you're you
I don't know, but it seems to me, you don't pay for nothin'
You can get for free—you don't pay if you can get if for free
When your fondest expectations just vanish in the air
And your hard disk calculations don't get you anywhere
You can fret, sweat, lock and load, pause and hesitate
Or you can turn around, sit back down, and cut yourself a break

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