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"Ain't it funny when it's over, how you think it didn't end?"
                                                            —Anybody Can
Something For YouKeepers
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Credits for Keepers

Original songs written, played, and sung by Mike Goldenberg
With a little help from his friends:

Michael Mallon: all keyboards; music on Something for the Blues
Kate Frank: vocals on Jenny Rose, The Closer We Are and Anybody Can
                   middle eight on Anybody Can
Sandra Mello: vocals on Crossfire and One From the Heart
Charlie Brown: vocal on Little Bird
Natasha Haugnes: vocals on Tommorrow Is a Long Time and Someday
John Goins: vocals on Something for the Blues

Recorded by Mike Goldenberg
Produced by Erik Dyba
Mixed and mastered by Erik Dyba at Hyde Street Studios, SF
Very special thanks to David Max and Daniel Weiss

Ears and eyes: Kgirl
Heart: Brigid

This one’s for Mickey