Kurt Michaels: From Death Row
"Ain't it funny when it's over, how you think it didn't end?"
                                                            —Anybody Can
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Welcome to Mike Goldenberg's virtual studio. Here are songs to stream and download from my first two CDs, Something For You and Keepers. I've put up the lyrics, credits and notes, and some poems and stories. There is also a bonus zone with unreleased material—demos, out-takes, jams, etc. I've just put up some demo recordings of songs from the most recent project, Seventeen Valentines.

You can email me at: manatee103@pacbell.net

October, 2011    Free Music
Some major changes are happening on this site, after only five years of planning and preparation. I have considered various strategies to "present the product" without giving it away, and finally decided to…give it away. It seems like charging money will lower the number of people who end up hearing the songs. I'd rather have the listeners than the dollars, which are kind of imaginary dollars, anyway. As a friend of mine said regarding live performing: "money makes the fun go away". So from now on, all of the original songs on Something For You and Keepers are up as mp4 files for direct streaming and downloading.

I spent hundreds of hours in the studio trying to nail the track, then dial in the mix, then balance the master-chasing after that 'better than perfect' sound. I've had a lot of issues with converting that sound to a lossy format like mp4. Well, I think that fight's over, and Mr. iPod won. So be it. He's a handy guy. If there's any interest, I can put up some FLACs and you can make wav files from those.
March, 2009    Email Fix
Any emails sent to me through this site after mid-June of 2008 were not received. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience. As of February 28, 2009 the problem has been solved, and the contact me button at the bottom of each page will open a blank email with a working address.