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"Yesterday I called you, we talked just like adults
All about the way it was—causes and results"

                                                            —Bittersweet Tonight
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Eyes Behind the Sky

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Seawater swirling
Roaring and pounding
Into a dark dripping pool
Formed by black granite columns
River-tumbled down
Four hundred miles from
Their old, stark sturdy mountains

Close to the beach's tide line
A black, smoking cauldron boils
On a fire of sea gift drift wood
Witches are cooking chowder
Clams, crabs and sand dabs
Go in with the gray oysters
And dark green mussels
No mammals cook this evening
While the witches talk
Of healing and the ocean

          *            *            

The long dim years yawn open
Swing back silently
Jade doors on ivory hinges
Revealing old images
In a wrong way telescope
Tiny and clear as
Moonstones at low tide

Naked hearts in nude bodies
Clutching love like the pollen
Of that buzzing May meadow
Staining our skin red
With a mixture of dried blood
And innocent desire

Jade doors close on the meadow
Leaving them eternal youth
Leaving to us sparkle dust
The bittersweet souvenirs
Of memory's precious years

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A little smaller
Than a volleyball
Lofted high into the air
At the saltspray beach
On a day when the blacktop
Is hot enough to blister
Sandy brown bare feet

One hundred fifty
Cubic inches of mind stuff
To hold and carry
Integrate and remember
An entire life

Over the ridge
Into the valley
And down to the lake
Where an old man is waiting
In a small black boat
By the ferry dock
The fare is your volleyball

          *            *            

Licking the cloudy icing
From the inverted bowls
Of white summer skies
Cool blue autumn skies
The bittersweet taste of life
Like dark crumbly chocolate
The unsweetened kind
Sticky-lippt, stained and smiling
We wait for the next spoonful

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At the ocean's edge
In California
A single white oak
Dapples the crown of its hill
With a thousand tiny suns
Manzanita encircles
The base of the thick trunk
While blood red Madrone
Surrounds the hillside
Below the stark oak

Resting in its highest branch
A delicate nest
Containing three aqua eggs
When the pale eggs hatch
Three tiny jade birds will carry
The low hill and the tall tree
Past the horizon
And over the sea

          *            *            

Granite and shadows
Desiccated air
Thin transparent sky
Stretched tight like a blue balloon
Escaped from a tiny fist
Floating to heaven
On peregrine winds

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Stars like seeds of light
Sown by the heartfull
Into the pregnant night
Stars like new imaginings
Full of nascent wonderings
Stars like pure blue burning souls
Not in pain but ecstasy
Shedding all the doleful roles
That locked their shiny dreams away
Stars like silver pools
Of fishes eyes reflecting
The full moon empty rising

Heart stars finally fade away
As the Great Star breaks the day

          *            *            

Black speckled brown trout
Almost asleep in the deep
Green reflection of birch trees
At the bottom of the creek

Silent dark and cool
She is not drawn easily
From the safety of her pool
On her lip a brassy shine
Sparkles from another time
When she was not so wary

Now she waits in evening lull
Listening to footfalls dull
And heavy-men have come to fish
Among the pools along the glen
This fish will not come to men

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So many moons
So many risings
Out of the ocean
Over the mountain's cleft ridge
Old moon in the new moon's arms
Red moon in the earth's shadow
Cold moon, haughty moon, blood moon

Single-minded eye
Open for blushing lovers
For street sick junkies
For bored housewives and husbands
In soft costly beds
Their radiant TV eyes
Taking it all in

      for the moon
                  in you

          *            *            

Green scuttling crabs
Hide in the thin tidal cracks
As fresh, sweet sea juice
Fills the shallow and deep pools
New food in on the full tide
Anemones' tentacles
Wave in the jade green water
Starfish hurry down
From the dung white rocks
Warm in the low yellow sun
Close by the buttermilk moon
Queen of these restless waters
Flowing through these restless lives


A rosy red crustacean
Barnacl'd decoration
At the edge of blue and swirl
Spray and eddy twirl
This rock pocket of the sea
Is a water world for me
In my dry world they would drown
As I in water would go down

Smoking rocks created dry
When they split the sulphur sky
Crustaceans waited in the sand
As frogs and turtles took the land

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Under an amethyst moon
The horizon glows
In a purple line
As the twilight wind expires
And a phosphorescent tide
Gleams green and yellow
Revealing the naked forms
And bone-white faces
Of the ocean's water angels
Who sail on long graceful fins
Which they flap like manta wings

Breaking the surface
Into the poisonous world
They rush to save mariners
Who have relinquished their hope
Drifting on the shadeless sea

Amethyst moon sets
The horizon disappears
Water angels dive down deep
The sailors smile open-eyed
Under an angular sun

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