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"I have spent a long time running from the darkness
But now that darkness better run from me"

                                                            —Further In
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Eyes Behind the Sky

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Underwater air
This cold October fluid
Pours into my flared nostrils
Like honeysuckle
Filling me with sweet promise
Of storms and long chilly nights
Dreaming by the fire
Old dog of this ageing year
Quiet by the thick hearthstone
Listening to the stories
That can never be untold
Bitter and sweet together
Wakes from our recent passage
Across the wrinkled
Ocean's face—this time, this place

          *            *            

Playing music on the moon
Breathless melodies
Bound in soundlessness
Direct from my crescent heart
To the man in the moon's ear
That's why he's smiling tonight
Grinning down on our blue world
As if to reassure us
That planets and biosystems
And soft lunar smiles
Persist for eons
While species do not

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Trail over the ridge
One person, one pack, one sun
Thirteen thousand feet
Puny dry headache air
Makes the body sag to earth
And a penetrating eye
Pierces the vellum sky
Backlit by the sudden sun
A lemon diamond
In a darklight day
Very far from any home

          *            *            

Seasons turn again
Spring lay sweetly with Summer
Thus was Autumn born
In the leafy, loamy mud
A ruddy-faced child
Eating a pomegranate
Red juice dripping down his chin
Turquoise eyes dancing somewhere
You'd like to follow
But the stern old man
With the invincible beard
Down from the high country
Grabs the fat, giggling child
Binds him to his skinny back
And heads north up the mountain

Five pomegranate pips remain
Awaiting next Spring's pleasure

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On the far side of the lake
Are creatures like us
Except they are not
Animals or plants
Or stony beings
Full of fulgent light

When we are in the right mood
They appear to us
As flickering flames
At the edge of our vision
At the end of our spectrum
Ultraviolet fairy fires
Wheeling and dancing
In the deepening twilight
Each one a lifetime
Burning for a little while
Showing an affirming flame
To us on the other shore

          *            *            

A wan winter morning moon
Slides down the brittle sky
Setting where the sun will be
Seven full moons hence
White queen of the night
Colorless gardens
Where colorless cats crouch quiet
Under lavender bushes
Waiting for a telltale smell
Slick black gravel roads
With psychedelic streetlights
Shining like new eyes

This Gemini moon
Has worked a night of magic
This changeless changer
Will rise again tomorrow

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A wooden mask looks at me
From one side of my mirror
Although it is oak
It's also a human face
With a stern, wrinkled forehead
And fearsome light in its eyes
It is certainly my face
And just as surely not me

The mask speaks slowly
Loud, grating and harsh:
Do you like your judgment face?
I am intimidated
And that is not really me
Oh? Then take it off
And see the mirror empty

I reach up and back
Find the edges of my mask
Close both my eyes and
Begin to pull hard
Pain makes me open my eyes
I see myself over there
Flesh-faced and crying
I leave the mask on
And leave the mirror alone

          *            *            

A smoke of tiny flowers
Cotton candy pink
Covers the wet stripling plum
Delicately placed
Along brown branch and green stem
Signaling Spring's nativity
To a gravid, waiting earth

As Autumn was not
Summer's vanquisher
Nor Winter's victim
And frolicking Spring
Does not cringe at Summer's heat
Nor shiver in Winter's coat
Just so, I am this circle
I am the cold days
And the warm smooth nights
Dim twilight and bright hot noon
Hungry and thirsty and full
All simultaneously

Just so, I can never be
The victim of the plum tree
After all the flowers go

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Golden smoky days
These bare winter memories
Shining like the blaze
Of Venus and Arcturus
In a Van Gogh indigo sky
Sirius setting south west
Saying his goodbye
To the long deep nights

For all the ones who didn't
Make it across the river
This last time around
Who won't get to see
New life growing from new ground
Wet with the spring rain
Every drop a shining tear
A gasp of pleasure
And a cry of pain

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