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"Yesterday I felt so down, I couldn't stop from cryin'
But something in your eyes just now keeps me tryin'"

                                                            —Something I Canít See
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Eyes Behind the Sky

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Fifty years back now
That oak tree was small
Taking root on the east hill
Young leaves in the butter sun
Adding one ring of wisdom
For every winter

In due time our hearts were carved
Deep in the rough bark
Under a canopy wide
Enough to shelter
Two who needed no shelter

Many springs, many summers
Now that oak is big
The lovers have fled
The scene of the crime
But their hearts remain
In the old tree's memory
Motionless in time

          *            *            

The May moon pushes
Against my dumb, stubborn mind
Slowly seeping in
Rising like a tide of light
Illuminated fountain
Pouring cool and bright
Through a hole in my
Old man with a heavy pack
Pauses under the blue star
At the tide line of
The million-children'd ocean
Pawing through his pack
Something dark and heavy
Needed once but useless now
Located and jettisoned

Arising, he continues
Lighter on a downhill path

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Thin low summer moon
Sets into the soft twilight
Above the stark straight black pines
Ringing the rippled water
Of a lake too small to name
Bats and night birds swoop to catch
Dimly seen insects
Hovering over water
The color of steel

One man squats at the lake's edge
Boots sunk in the mud
Head sunk on his chest
Heart sunk under dark water
Struggling for the surface
Sweet air and clean light
Remembered from an old dream
Of childhood's rose

Two warm tears drip down
Into the black lake water
Two eyes lift to the night sky
One heart rises at moonset

          *            *            

Open ocean ends
At a smooth blue edge
Of water and sky
A single line of azimuth
Circling every story
Imagination's border
With the illusion of reality

A pair of white wings
Two bright steady eyes
Red-tipped yellow beak
Riding the rising warm air
Above salt, seaweed and sand
Alive forever
An eye without a mirror

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Little bird sings at midnight
Her invisible honey
Filling the dark air
A perfume of emotions
Seizes my dry throat
And waters my aching eyes
Songs which need no words
To deliver their blessing

An unburdened heart
Lifts on unseen wings
Every song must end

          *            *            

Just beneath the geode's skin
A world crystalline
Never touched by eyes or light
Or the silent centuries
Passing neither slow nor fast
Eons while the mountains last

Wind and water do their work
Slow strong shallow streams
Bring the high land down
To faster water
Where the white waves dream

A brown-backed child is playing
Castles in the sand
Finds the little wayward stone
Holds it in her hand
Visions form behind her eyes
Crystal castles grow
Men and women live in them
Their time passes slow

Little girls must move along
Making room for yesterdays
Magic never lasts for long
Though it's never far away
She secures the vision stone
Against the tides of time and place
On her breathless wedding day
The crystal castle's citizens
Drink the nascent sunlit space

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Fog lays off the coast
As summer becomes autumn
Cobalt blue and crystalline
The sky frames a stingy sun
Keeping his warmth sequestered
As he travels south again

Watercolor butterflies
Light on the last white roses
Darkness comes early at night
Lingers late in the morning
The quiet spider on her web
The mouse in her cozy nest
Know the season by its time
And feel the long rains
Waiting off the coast

          *            *            

Sallow sun behind
Pink and rusty clouds
A dim drowned light leaks slowly
From the lids of the days eyes
Pensive and thoughtful
At inevitable night
Thin daylight falters
Flutters and folds its jade wings
Perched on a golden narcissus
Until the night flies again

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October morning
Salt in the cold ocean wind
Brassy sunlight angling
Through the half-naked aspen
Summer's last sticky peach kiss
Drying on pale lips
While the white dust of winter
Settles in a sparkling cone
At the bottom of
An amethyst hourglass

Fifty-six winters
Occupy no space
Though the wine bottle
Is getting empty

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