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"A baby is born with a whole life to live
She grows to a woman with a child of her own
The circle will gather the seed she has sown"

                                                            —Fast Enough to Fly
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Eyes Behind the Sky

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Thin dry ice blue sky
Cracks crazy like a mirror
Razor-edged pieces
Spinning horizon's slivers
Into the rolling ocean
The cracks close quickly
But not before I have seen
Eyes behind the sky

          *            *            

The bottle is so heavy
In his small backpack
It's also turned the wrong way
Poking him in a sore spot
He gets it out, looks at it
One hundred and fifty-one proof
Proof against life
And all it's merciless traps
Concealed in every heart

He dilutes some rum
In his chipped enamel cup
Four to one with cold water
Straight from a small spring
Just below the trail
Drinks it off in two harsh slugs
Feels the good strong burn
All the way down to his nuts

He looks into the twilight
Above the black granite ridge
An image forms unbidden
He sees his mother
Thirty years ago—passed out
Dead drunk on the burning couch
Barely got her out in time
He picks at the brown label
For no particular reason
He unscrews the cap
Pours the rum out at his feet
As a wordless prayer rises
From the mouth of his true heart

He refills the rum bottle
With diamond water
Sets it higher in his pack
And continues on
The pack has the right heft now
And soon the trail turns downhill

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A quiet pool reflecting
The blue moon slowly setting
A single birch at the water's edge
Protects a small bird's nest
Built from mud and stones and straw
Waiting for the pale green eggs

The little bird atop the birch
Clinging to her swaying perch
Repeats a five note call
All night long she sings her song
Of one becoming two
Come, my love, our nest is set
Green Spring is here
And we have work to do

          *            *            

April's come again
The flowers in the park
The lovers in the dark
'If onlies' in their lonely beds
Know April's back in town

Oh, April's all the rage
The young girls cannot seem to make
The old men act their age
Bankers hone their taxes
While housewives grind their axes
And wonder how much blood goes down the drain
While waiting for the Mexicali train

April plants the reddest seeds
Sprouting into love's sweet deeds
That stern November may repudiate
While April's out cavorting on a date

Do not let your Aprils sag
'tho many months and years may weigh your bag
For do you know which one will be your last?
Receive them as they came
Dancing with you arm in arm
Naked in the rain

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Only those who live
In the house of their young dreams
Will stare through mirrored windows
To see hope begging
For another kiss

          *            *            

Underneath a bleached blue sky
Pale equinoctial light
Our bright ornaments of life
Strung together on
The rusty untrustworthy
Wire of identity

Who looks out through blue skull holes
Into dawn nights, twilight days
Gone as soon as they arrive?
Incomprehensible Time
Driving the moments
Like white bleeding sheep
Into a locus named Michael
Then that gate closes

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A thousand suns sparkling
On silver wavelets
Stirred by a wind
From the silent wings
Of the great white bird
Who visits only twice:
When a soul enters this world
And when it departs

These glistening suns anoint
The narrow river of now
In its timeless course
Emptying into fullness

The white bird of eternity
Carries oceans in her eyes
And the sky under her wings
She will take you home

          *            *            

Brown cow standing on a hill
Eating the sweet new green shoots
Just outside the fence
Her bell clanks softly
Big liquid eyes turn
To consider you
As she shits without squatting

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Silver water from gray sky
Our warm yellow sun
Has forsaken us
Shining somewhere else
For a long time now
Green sidewalks breeding
Fat brown slimy snails

Drips, rivulets, streams
Gurgle vigorously downhill
Liquid confluence
In the blind, old gray river
Winding to his ocean home

          *            *            

April leapfrogs bald winter
With a twinkle in her heart
Clutching a bunch of Iris
In her ruddy hand
She has plans for you
If you have the time for her
Remember another spring
So many years ago?
The daisy's chain 'round your neck
Shameless sky blue eyes
Staring into soul

O, how the body changes
But the heart does not grow old

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